Item #9992 A collection of propaganda from the Christian Patriots Crusade. Forrest Allen Mann.

A collection of propaganda from the Christian Patriots Crusade

Hinsdale, Ill. Christian Patriots Crusade, 1950s. The Christian Patriots Crusade was founded in 1956 by Forrest Allen Mann, Jr. (1936-2019) as the American Christian Patriots Party. Mann published a newsletter called “The Revere,” led a small Klan group, and consorted with many prominent racists and nationalists during the 1950s, including Lyrl Clark van Hyning, Eustace Mullins, Ed Fields, J. B. Stoner, Joseph Beauharnais, etc.

When the National States Rights Party was founded in 1958, Mann became the chairman of the Illinois branch. He was under constant FBI surveillance until 1960 when the CPC appears to have disbanded. Included in this small, but significant, collection are two issues of “The Revere” (Vol. 4, No. 10 and Vol. 5, No. 1), a double-sided flyer titled “Jews and You” / “Jew Religion Exposed,” and three handbills: Exposing the Enemy, Freedom or Jewish Tyranny?, and Death to the Traitors: Communism and Race-Mixing Are JEWISH. All scarce. Item #9992

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