Item #9472 Ike Eisenhower (Swedish Jew)

Ike Eisenhower (Swedish Jew)

St. Louis: Patriotic Tract Society, [1952]. Perhaps the first iteration of this flyer distributed by the right-wing demagogue Gerald L. K. Smith to discredit Eisenhower in hopes of preventing him from winning the 1952 Republican Presidential nomination. The flyer includes a photostat copy of Eisenhower’s 1915 West Point yearbook page, in which he’s facetiously described as the “terrible Swedish-Jew.” A later version of the flyer reprints an excerpted letter by a Col. Leer, public information officer at West Point, in which he discusses the “Swedish Jew” reference in the yearbook and mentions this flyer. Leer maintains that the “appellation ‘Swedish Jew’ probably served some gag intention with no special significance,” but that, “Of course, if General Eisenhower were of Jewish extraction, it still could not be regarded as anything of particular importance. There has never been any prejudice against Jews at West Point.” It was published in varying sizes and paper stocks under the auspices of his Patriotic Tract Society - run by his protege, Don Lohbeck.

Printed on an 8” x 11” newsprint sheet. Browning to paper, old folds for mailing. One copy in OCLC at Michigan State University. Item #9472

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