Item #9439 We are all outlaws in the eyes of Amerika

We are all outlaws in the eyes of Amerika

n.p. n.p., [ca. 1970]. An unattributed poster featuring illustrations of Eldridge Cleaver, Jane Alpert, Father Daniel Berrigan, H. Rap Brown, and Bernardine Dohrn sitting around a roasting pig, with their “outlaw” credentials listed underneath. The poster’s text describes a new “Underground Railroad” for fugitives willing to “fight slavery, abolish an unjust system, and win their freedom.” The poster’s title was taken from the lyrics to a Jefferson Airplane song and became one of the counterculture’s rallying cries.

Offset lithograph, printed in blue on off white stock (17” x 22”). Light wear, primarily to the left edge and the top left corner. Two copies in OCLC at UVA and UC Irvine. Item #9439

Price: $350.00