White Worker's Bulletin (2 issues). Allen Lee Vincent, James Mason.

White Worker's Bulletin (2 issues)

San Francisco: National Socialist White Worker's Party, 1980. Two issues of the newsletter of Allen Vincent’s National Socialist White Worker’s Party, a small splinter group founded by Vincent following a schism in the National Socialist White People’s Party in the early 1970s. The issues report on NSWWP activity, including the near death of Party member Richard Rogers who was kicked in the head repeatedly by Jewish Defense League members during a demonstration, and Vincent’s appearance at an Ohio high school where he addressed a student symposium. As in their magazine, Stormer, much of the rest of the issues reprint mainstream and leftist media coverage of the Party’s activities, including it’s attempt to commemorate Hitler’s birthday in 1980 in San Francisco, and pro-National Socialist happening around the world. The two issues included here are Vol. IX, #3 (May-June 1980) and Vol. X, #1 (Sept.-Oct. 1980). The May-June issue was edited by General Secretary James Mason and includes one of the Party’s “Great Democracy” flyers later reprinted by the Ku Klux Klan.

Corner-stapled 8 ½” x 11” sheets, [12]; [8] p., photographs, illustrations. Issues about Near Fine. One issue at Kansas. Item #9137

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