Item #8949 The Universe Hometown News, Vol. 1, No. 1, Summer, 1971. Ollie Wilson.

The Universe Hometown News, Vol. 1, No. 1, Summer, 1971

Brooklyn: The Universe Hometown News, 1971. A strange presumably one-off newspaper from Brooklyn “crusading for Universal Salvation” and predicting an end to war on 11-31-71, marking the transition from the Age of Apes to the Age of Man. The policies of this new age include the transition of soldiers to policemen, the capacity for politicians to only kill themselves, and an earthwide enforcement of open communication. Content includes the paper’s Standard Positioners [sic]; a lengthy Editorial section with much on the suppression of the idea that “we are apes trying to become men and women,” open communication, and war (and on Brooklyn as the “Holy Land of the West”); a State of the Universe Address; a Bulletins section, which announces that on Star Kozycookie peasants settle disputes by having their kings murder each other, that 40% of vegetarians are prejudiced against man, but not animals, and that women’s lib will end with the Age of Man; a two-panel comic called Jo-Jo featuring Jo Eartho and Jo Anddromedak; and Predictors and Reminders sections. Our research failed to turn up this issue, future issues or anything about Ollie Wilson.

Tabloid format printed in black on newsprint, 12 p. Misfolded, toning to newsprint; small closed tear to one fold. Not found by us in OCLC or anywhere else. Item #8949

Price: $75.00