People's No. 1 Enemy. Black Panther Party - Philadelphia branch.

People's No. 1 Enemy

Philadelphia: Black Panther Party, [1970]. A Philadelphia Black Panther Party flyer issued as a provocation to the Philadelphia Police Department. Featuring a crude drawing of a pig wearing a cop uniform alongside the group’s definition of a “pig”: “A LOW NATURED BEAST, THAT HAS NO REGARD FOR LAW OR JUSTICE; OR THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE. BITES THE HAND THAT FEEDS IT; USUALLY ‘MASQUERADING AS THE VICTIM OF AN UNPROVOKED ATTACK!’” The BPP goes on to warn the "people": "PEOPLE BEWARE! Pigs come in all colors - from a white racist to the blackest of lackeys - all kill!" And finally, a warning issued to the police: "The racist dog policeman must withdraw immediately from our communities, cease their wanton murder and brutality and torture of black people… -or- face the wrath of the armed people!!!"

An 8 ½” x 11” flyer mimeographed on yellow stock. A fresh fine copy, although poorly printed with the Black Panther and the party’s address partly cut off along the bottom edge. From the estate of one-time Philadelphia Black Panther, Bill Crawford. Item #8930

Price: $150.00