Item #8910 Integration News. George Thomas ADAMS, pseudonym Eustace Mullins.

Integration News

Washington, D. C. Southern States Press Association, [1958]. A virtually unobtainable racist and anti-Semitic publication concocted by Eustace Mullins, but issued under the pseudonym George Thomas Adams for the fictitious Southern States Press Association. The newsletter is a compilation of horrific news clippings of Black crime against White women and children with illustrations of Jewish caricatures and satirically captioned photographs of Africans and apes. In one doctored photograph, a small white toddler sits at the feet of a group of Mau Maus with the caption: “Mau Mau boys in the jungle cities of the north capture a young white girl for sex.” Mullins can’t help but insert some disparaging editorializing, such as the following:

“DID YOU KNOW THAT -- government policy for minorities is created by sex perverts who salivate freely at the thought of little white girls being brutally ravished by hulking Negro thugs? These tittering nancies, classic types of simpering homosexuals, fled like butterflies from the State Dept. after Sen. McCarthy discovered that any of them had Communist boy friends. These sex perverts have chosen Eisenhower as their spiritual leader, because his shining bald pate represents a phallic symbol to them.”

In a note to Yockey collaborator, Frederick Weiss, Mullins wrote, “This is my masterpiece” (see FBI file on Mullins). The ADL turned a copy over to the FBI who declined to investigate. This copy from the estate of Mullins.

Four sheet folded (8 ½” x 10 ¾”), [8] p., profusely illustrated. A Fine copy. One copy in OCLC at Michigan State. Scarce. Item #8910

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