Item #8693 Christian Economics (36 issues). Howard E. KERSHNER.

Christian Economics (36 issues)

Los Angeles: Christian Freedom Foundation, Inc., 1968-70. A run of what was likely the last 36 issues of this long-running Christian libertarian paper, which was the organ of the Christian Freedom Foundation (CFF). The CFF was founded by millionaire oilman and philanthropist J. Howard Pew in 1950, but run by Howard Kershner who also edited “Christian Economics.” “Christian Economics” specifically targeted Christian ministers who Pew believed were promoting communism and socialism in a misguided attempt to practice Christian charity. Instead, “Christian Economics” promoted the idea “that the free market economy is explicitly sanctioned, but not specifically endorsed, by lessons in the Bible'' (Haddigan, 6). Kershner had an initial writing staff of two economists, George Koether and Percy E. Greaves, who received guidance from Ludwig von Mises on communicating economic principles to ministers. von Mises and Friedrich Hayek were also contributors, as was popular TV host, Lawrence Welk. The paper was published biweekly, except for Aug. and Sept. when it was monthly, for 20 years reaching a circulation of 200,00 at its peak. Our run consists of all issues published from November 12, 1968 (Vol. XX, No. 21) - May, 1970 (Vol. XXII, No. 8).

Tabloid format printed in color on newsprint; issues are all typically 4 p., although a few “special” issues run longer. Overall, a Near Fine run, about half with the mailing label of the previous owner - a female minister.

The best account of “Christian Economics” is Lee Haddigan, “The Importance of Christian Thought for the American Libertarian Movement: Christian Libertarianism, 1950-1971.” Libertarian Papers, Vol. 2, Art. No. 14, 2010, pp. 5-11. Item #8693

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