Item #11354 Declaration by the Provisional National Government. Ken Duggan.

Declaration by the Provisional National Government

[New York]: Provisional National Government, [1971]. A scarce flyer for the short-lived political party founded by independent rightist, conspriacist and Church of Satan member Ken Duggan. Duggan spent much of the 1970s trying to unify extreme right and extreme left individuals and groups against what he perceived to be the true threat to democracy: a cartel of international banking and corporate interests all controlled by the Illuminati and exemplified in NYC by the Rockefeller family. As the PNG's declaration asserts:

WHEREAS the government of the Republic of the United States of America has come totally under the control of the money and agents of secret societies and international bankers,

AND WHEREAS we are citizens of the United States of America owing our allegiance to that country and tis people and its constitution alone,

WE ARE THEREFORE EMPOWERED to declare that this country is occupied by alien forces and the Provisional National Government issues this declaration to its people as the only government which the people can consider their own.

Founded in 1970, by 1974 Duggan was complaining of two competing factions within the PNG (which had been renamed Patriotic Nationalist Groups): White Christian Anti-Communists who wanted to “turn America into a White Christian corporate state ruled by a racist theocracy” (letter from Duggan to ---) and American Nationalist Libertarians of which Duggan considered himself. This led to the dissolution of the PNG in 1974. In 1975, Duggan was arrested on an attempted murder charge for shooting an ex-PNG member named George Wilkie. He was sent to Riker’s where he proclaimed his innocence. He was found dead in his cell in 1976, an apparent suicide, although his supporters maintained he was murdered.

Duggan originally published the declaration in 1970 and the following year it was reprinted by the Grass Roots Defense Committee (this copy), an obscure group with nuanced politics that corresponded with elements of the extreme right (although the pseudonymous figure who ran it was a left-anarchist). The Committee later published Duggan’s pamphlet, Secret Society.

Mimeographed in black on the recto of an 11” x 8 ½” sheet. A fine copy. Item #11354

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