Item #10943 The Truth Behind Your Roots. Dr. Edward? Fields.

The Truth Behind Your Roots

[Marietta, GA?]: [The Thunderbolt?], [1977]. A two-sided poster addressed to black and white Americans exposing the Jewish role in the slave trade and the continuing Jewish enslavement of the American population in 1977.

The recto documents the cruel experience of Africans at the hands of Jewish slave merchants in Newport, RI and Philadelphia, and includes a list of Jewish slave ships and their owners. Also included are photographs of Rev. Henry Mitchell of the North Star United Missionary Workers and author Alex Haley and an illustration of African women being transported in chains.

The verso details the methods by which the “common working man” - both black and white - has become the contemporary field slave through Jewish-orchestrated welfare programs, Kosher food, gun control, communism, and racial tension, inflamed by books such as Alex Haley’s Roots that erroneously blame whites for slavery. The text concludes, “The endless anti-Jew persecutions down through history have been the EX-LAXING of the deadly tapeworm from the agonized bodies of the Non-Jew people attacked by the Jew tapeworm.” A curious appeal by a life-long white supremacist activist to unify with blacks around opposition to Jews.

Although no author or publisher is listed, we’ve handled another copy of this poster bearing a Thunderbolt stamp, so we attribute authorship to Edward Fields. This is supported by the publication of three similar posters by Fields around this time. This copy features the stamp of Logos Press, a far right distributor in Arkansas run by ex-American Nazi Party member and David Duke campaign officer Ralph Forbes. Also has a 'Wilcox Collection' stamp to the top corner.

Printed in three columns on both sides of a 16 ½” x 11” sheet. Folded once, else Fine. Two copies in OCLC at Duke and Michigan State. In SIBA. Item #10943

Price: $125.00