Item #10688 Drunk On God-Cult Salt Lake City. Darr Anderson.

Drunk On God-Cult Salt Lake City

Gardena, California: Parents Opposing Child Abuse, 1995. A bizarre and troubling “expose of the sorcery, black magic and witchcraft within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” by a 76-year-old, ex-Mormon chiropractor sexually abused by his Mormon father and brothers. In the preface, the author describes Brigham Young as “the drug-addict son of a side-show snake charmer” who “rescued the splintered God-cult from their Afro-Asian drugs and voo-doo chanting to drums as he herded them over thin ice on the river to escape the angry mob snapping at their heels.”

Following the preface are two pages of reproductions of the author’s military, professional and legal certificates, including his honorable discharge from the Navy, chiropractic certifications, his ordination into the Melchizadek Priesthood, and a complaint filed in federal court concerning an alleged murder attempt on the author’s life. The rest of the book, which is told through poetry and prose, is a vicious attack on the LDS church and a history of the author and his family. He chronicles the horrific sexual abuse suffered at the hands of his father and brothers, his ex-communication after decades in the LDS priesthood, and the alleged recriminations (including attempted murder) by LDS leaders.

The book includes the most complete biography of Anderson that we could find, although he authored two other anti-Mormon titles: Mormons, Murders & AIDS (1988) and Snake’s Spit: Brigham Young’s Barnyard Brothel (1989). All scarce.

Side-stapled, illustrated wrappers (11” x 8 ½”), [4], 36 p. A Fine copy. Item #10688

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