Item #10629 Liberated Guardian, January 4, 1971. Liberated Guardian Workers' Collective.

Liberated Guardian, January 4, 1971

New York: The Liberated Guardian, 1971. A significant issue of this underground newspaper, which was selected by the Weather Underground for the distribution of its lengthy communique, New Morning - Changing Weather.

Composed at the end of 1970, the communique was signed by Bernardine Dohrn on behalf of the Weather Underground, the first use of the group’s new, more clandestine, appellation. Besides the name change, the communique represented a switch to a longer format filled with less bravado, although three previous communiques issued following armed actions are included as well. According to Dan Berger, “‘New Morning’ was an attempt at building relationships with the mass movement Weather had previously scorned” (p. 45, Outlaws of America). In it, they admit the “military error” that led to the loss of three comrades in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion and share lessons learned from their time underground thus far. They also extol the leading role of women in the movement and celebrate youth culture, including the revolutionary potential of drugs. This latter point was one of the criticisms leveled at the group in an open letter from members of the Panther 21 in January 1971, in which they remind the group how drugs, in both addiction and arrests, have plagued oppressed communities. For the best analysis of the document, see Dan Berger, Outlaws of America, pgs. 145-147.

The cover of this issue featured the oft-reprinted photograph of Geronimo with the quote, “fierce against the ways of the white man.” Other content includes articles on the Black Panthers, the Young Patriots Organization, community health, Palestine, Folsom, Guinea & South Africa, Basque militants, etc.

Tabloid format printed in black on newsprint, 20 p. Subscriber mailing label to the rear page, fold, else a well-preserved copy of an important issue. Item #10629

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