Item #10507 Free the Land!! And the RNA 11 Will Follow

Free the Land!! And the RNA 11 Will Follow

[Chicago]: B & W Printing Company, [1972]. A striking poster featuring a photograph of shirtless, barefoot, enchained Republic of New Afrika (RNA) prisoners being perp walked under the RNA slogan, “Free the Land!!” The public nature of the humiliating spectacle is clearly redolent of slave iconography and the choice of photographs was a clear means of drawing support for the RNA 11.

The RNA was founded in 1968 at a conference organized by the Malcolm X Society, a militant group founded by brothers Richard and Milton Henry (later Omari and Gaidi Obadele). Under their slogan, “Free the Land,” the group promoted a separate homeland for blacks in the Southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina (with portions of Texas and Florida), and following a split in the organization, Omari Obadele moved the group to Jackson, MS. A pre-dawn raid by the FBI and local law enforcement led to a shootout that resulted in the death of an officer. 11 members of the RNA were arrested, including Obadeli, and eight receivied life sentences. Obadeli was released in 1980.

Offset printed in black on white stock (20” x 12”). Folded once horizontally, else a Fine copy. Not found by us in OCLC. Item #10507

Price: $750.00