Item #10421 Resistance (a near complete run). George Eric Hawthorne, Erich Gliebe.

Resistance (a near complete run)

Detroit / Hillsboro, WV: Resistance Records, 1994-2007. A near complete run (lacking two issues of 27 published) of this important source of white nationalist music and culture during the 1990s and 2000s. Established in 1994 by Canadian skinhead George Burdi (who edited the magazine under the pseudonym George Eric Hawthorne), the magazine was affiliated with Burdi’s record label, Resistance Records, and band RaHoWa (Racial Holy War). Primarily targeted at the white power skinhead culture, early issues profiled overtly racialist punk, Oi! and metal bands while advertising Resistance Records’ substantial catalog of CDs and apparel. The magazine’s circulation increased from 5,000-13,000 copies of each issue - virtually unheard of for a white racialist publication - although circulation statistics were no longer published after issue 4.

Defunct for nearly two years following Burdi’s legal battles and his public renunciation of racism, it was revived by William Pierce of the National Alliance in 1999 and lasted under the editorship of Erich Gliebe until 2007. The magazine remained musically oriented, although it expanded its coverage to rockabilly, country, folks and other less aggressive genres, but it also began focusing on various aspects of white history and culture and included interviews with and profiles of athletes, servicemen, teachers, entrepreneurs, political prisoners, etc. Women also became more prominently featured - especially on the latter issues’ covers - and issue 10 included a new centerfold section called “Proud Aryan Women,” which lasted until the magazine’s demise. 27 issues were ultimately published, with all but issues 5 & 6 being offered in this run.

Stapled, glossy wrappers (11” 8 ½” x ), most issues are 64 pages, photographs, comics and other illustrations. All issues Near Fine or better. Item #10421

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