Item #10102 Beware the "Peace" of Communism

Beware the "Peace" of Communism

Detroit: Breakthrough & Greater Detroit Student Anti-Communist Coalition, [1969]. First edition. A gruesome assemblage of photographs “revealing but a sample of the cruelty, bestiality, murder and terror employed by the Communists to compel submission to their rule.” Included are photos from Korea, Vietnam, China, East Germany, & Hungary. The rear page includes two photographs of dead children in Vietnam followed by details of a pro-Vietnam War demonstration in downtown Detroit.

The publication’s author and the demonstration’s sponsor was Donald Lobsinger and his Catholic anti-Communist organization, Breakthrough. Lobsinger was an ex-serviceman who founded Breakthrough in 1963. The group was popular with ethnic whites in Detroit, especially Polish Catholics, and encouraged whites to arm themselves following the 1967 race riot in Detroit. Breakthrough’s slogan was ‘America Forever, Communism Never’ and is emblazoned on the rear wrapper. A co-sponsor of the demonstration, which took place Oct. 15, 1969 at Kennedy Square, was the Greater Detroit Student Anti-Communist Coalition.

Folded sheet (11 ½” x 8 ¾”), 14 photographs. A Fine copy. Two copies in OCLC at Michigan State & the Univ. of Chicago. Item #10102

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