Item #10039 A group of anti-Semitic publications by The Patriot

A group of anti-Semitic publications by The Patriot

n.p. n.p., [195-]. In the late 1950s/early 1960s a stream of anti-Semitic & racist pamphlets and cartoons were written and published by anonymous figure named “The Patriot”, who remains undoxed today.

In Christian Brotherhood, he contends: “The cunning Jewish wolves are using Brotherhood as sheep’s clothing to disguise their deadly infiltration into the ranks of Christ’s sheep (to whom the Jews tolerantly refer as ‘stupid goy cattle’ and ‘idolators’!).”

In What They Are Saying, he provides a slew of excerpts from the “private Pharisaic Press to learn what they are whispering behind our backs.”

In You and Your Children, he bemoans the rise in juvenile delinquency due to the emasculation of fathers and the destruction of the traditional family, by Communist Jews who promote miscegenation, “Negro jungle throbbings,” and modernism.

In the Wisdom of the Sages, he reminds readers what the “greatest thinkers, philosophers, and leaders of the last two thousand years” have to say about the Pharisaic Jews.

And in The Low Man in the New Order, he claims that farmers, once fiercely independent and proud, are now being forced to “abandon our farms and seek employment as rootless, propertyless city proletariat, powerless non-entities meekly subject on the one side to pitiless alien capitalists, and on the other side to merciless alien labor czars of the same unChristian world enslavement conspiracy.”

Each pamphlet is one sheet folded, one with cover illustration. Some creasing, light wear. All Patriot propaganda scarce. Item #10039

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