History of the United States. Eustace? MULLINS.

History of the United States

n.p.: n.p., [195-?]. A flyer featuring a five panel cartoon depicting Uncle Sam pushing a Native American over a cliff and then being pushed himself by a triumphant Jew. The last panel shows the Jew holding pennants featuring the hammer & sickle, Star of David, and the U.N. logo. Although we have been unable to trace the cartoon’s original publication, the United States Holocaust Museum claims that it was first published in 1909 in their description of a 1942 Nazi poster that featured it. The National Renaissance Party, the first post-war neo-Nazi organization in the U.S., published a two-sided flyer in the 1960s titled, “Have the Jews Taken Over the United States” with the same cartoon, although the Jew in the last panel was holding no pennants, but instead had a Star of David over his head. This copy came from the estate of anti-Semite and Federal Reserve researcher, Eustace Mullins, and was included with other publications he was involved in.

Printed landscape on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of white stock. A Fine copy. Any variant scarce. Item #08260

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