Drugs: Worse Than Bombs! Maila E. LAMB.

Drugs: Worse Than Bombs!

n.p., ca. 1967. An alarmist report on the increase of psychedelic drug use and the doctors and scientists pushing such use. The author argues: "Hallucinogenic mushrooms and pathogenic micro-organisms have been introduced into the Curriculum of the Elementary Public Schools." She goes on to maintain that the commotion around busing and forced de-segregation is meant to distract the public from this nefarious scheme. Although little is known about Lamb, it appears she was a John Bircher and published other works on drug use, mental health and the Jews. It’s unclear how, but Revilo P. Oliver was somehow involved in the creation of this publication as we have mock-ups in a collection of his papers.

One sheet printed in black & red and folded to make 4 pp. No record for this publication in OCLC. Some soiling to the rear cover. Item #08237

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