A small collection of Theocratic Party / Church of God material. Homer A. TOMLINSON.

A small collection of Theocratic Party / Church of God material

Queens Village, NY: Church of God, 1962-1965. A collection of material from the Pentecostal holiness sect, the Church of God, and its Theocratic Party, founded by Homer A. Tomlinson (1892-1968) in 1952. Tomlinson, who crowned himself “King of the World” and “King of All Nations,” ran for President four times and spent much time traveling around the world meeting religious figures and putting on spectacles. His Church of God denomination based in Queens, NY, developed out of a split with his younger brother in 1943 who was appointed General Overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy, which had been run by the men’s father, Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson, since 1923. The Theocratic Party’s platform included the union of church and state, the replacement of taxation with tithing, Bible reading and prayer in schools, equality for all races and nations, the abandonment of Roman Law and English Common Law, free enterprise, and an end to the use of tobacco, intoxicants, narcotics, and gambling. The church relocated to Huntsville, Alabama, following Tomlinson’s death.

Included here are five issues of the group’s newspaper (Vol. 19, No. 9; Vol. 21, No. 20; Vol. 22, Nos. 1, 3, 10), a two-sided, bilingual, handbill for the Theocratic Party’s 1964 Presidential campaign, and two mimeographed press releases asking Theocrats to shift their write-in votes from Tomlinson to Barry Goldwater and encouraging them to organize Theocratic Bands.

The newspapers are all tabloid format and mostly printed on very cheap newsprint, which is considerably browned and splitting along folds. One issue is separated in half and all are in need of digitization/preservation. The handbill measures 5 ½” x 8 ¾” and is also printed on newsprint, which is browning. The two press releases are 8 ½” x 14” and 8 ½” x 8 ”, respectively. Just over a dozen institutions holding any issue of the newspaper in OCLC, lacking from most major institutions. Item #08231

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