Agencies that Retard Our Economic and Social Security ("Know Your City" series). Dr. Melvin C. EIDSON.

Agencies that Retard Our Economic and Social Security ("Know Your City" series)

[Birmingham]: The Greater Birmingham Committee, [1937]. A rousing speech by Dr. Melvin Eidson of the 1st Baptist Church, Bessemer, on the dangerous “alien ideas, brought over from Europe” that would “tear down our ideals, destroy our patriotic sentiments, wreck our moral standards, destroy our great industries, blight and blast our spirituality, create strife between employer and employee, pull down our church and schools and abolish our very system of representative government.” Eidson warns against the dictatorships of both Communism and Fascism and calls on “every man, woman and child who is willing to step over to the battle line of right and light, and there to fight to make our City of Birmingham and our country a place where we can uphold righteous ideals, go forward to greater degrees of prosperity in the strength of righteous principles.”

Eidson’s speech was broadcast over station WBRC on January 28, 1937, and was the fourth talk in the “Know Your City” series sponsored by the Greater Birmingham Committee. Eidson later became the minister of evangelism at the First Baptist Church of Austin, Texas.

Three corner-stapled 8 ½” x 14” sheets mimeographed on rectos only. Creases from folding, some faint foxing to third sheet. Not found in OCLC. Item #07728

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