Item #07715 Right? or Wrong?: God and Lincoln on Negro-White Marriages. Sheldon EMRY.

Right? or Wrong?: God and Lincoln on Negro-White Marriages

Phoenix: Lord's Covenant Church. A Christian Identity brochure by Pastor Sheldon Emry in which he invokes both God and Abraham Lincoln in support of his anti-race screed. Emry traces the origin of the Adamic (White) race and the pre-Adamic other races, which he claims are much older. He then discusses the 12 racially pure sons of Israel and God’s subsequent commands against miscegenation. He concludes by warning of the attempt to destroy Israel through “negro-White marriages” and contends, "...mixing with pre-Adamites (Blacks) always brings in heathen religions, witchcraft, sex perversion, poverty, drugs, and every abomination known to man or God. Any city or nation where the dark, mixed-bloods live is proof of this.” Also included are selected excerpts by Abraham Lincoln on the separation of the races.

Quad-fold brochure on grey stock with drawing of mixed race family. A Fine copy. Also distributed by the National States Rights Party, the New Christian Crusade Church, and the Klan. Only three copies of any edition in OCLC (Duke, Northwestern and Kansas). Item #07715

Price: $50.00