Item #07665 Jew-Communist CIO Chieftains Directed from Moscow (sticker). Henry ALLEN, American White Guard.

Jew-Communist CIO Chieftains Directed from Moscow (sticker)

[Los Angeles]: [American White Guard], [1937]. A 4 ¼” x 4 ” sticker featuring the “Coat of Arms of the CIO,” which is an illustration of two Jews sitting back-to-back hiding bombs and cudgels under their winged cloaks. Listed are eight Jewish CIO leaders and an acronym for the USSR: Union of Soulless Swine and Robbers.

Although no creator is listed, a letter from American White Guard founder, Henry Allen, to Jewish Community Committee operative, Charles Slocombe, who infiltrated the American White Guard, describes the stickers and implores “Charlie” to “put out as many thousand of the enclosed in Long Beach as you can possibly manage.” He offers the stickers on gummed paper (our copy) for $3.50 per thousand and on ordinary paper (“for hand distribution or mailing”) for $2.75 per thousand. The letter has been digitized and can be found in the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles’ Community Relations Committee Collection (phew). Item #07665

Price: $250.00