PROBE, No. 1. People's Revolt to Overthrow the Banking Establishment.

PROBE, No. 1

Culver City, CA: Probe, [1970]. A very curious underground publication targeting the banking establishment as the “NO. 1 ENEMY of the working classes.” Although leftist in orientation, its coverage of usury, “international bankers”, the Federal Reserve (including a profile on its former chairman, Eugene Meyer), and the banking system in general is uncomfortably similar to many anti-Semitic publications on the far right. Reprinted in full is “The Temple of the Thirteen Suns,” a fable read to the House Banking and Currency Committee of Congress in 1935 by Robert Hemphill, and later re-printed by neo-Nazi, George P. Dietz, for his Liberty Bell Publications. There are adverts for PROBE reprints of anti-Semitic works such as Sy Foster’s Ten Letters from an International Banker to His Son and Charles Lindbergh Sr.’s isolationist classic, Why Is Your Country at War?, which blamed industrialists and bankers for America’s entry into WWI. We find no evidence that PROBE editions of these books were ever published.

We were unable to find any information about this publication or the purported organization who published it. The few institutions holding this inaugural issue hold no others leading us to assume that this was the sole issue. The sentiments and ideological hybridity expressed are redolent of those advanced by Lyndon LaRouche’s National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), and based on the collection we acquired this with we assume PROBE to be a NCLC front group - of which there was no shortage.

Tabloid format printed in black on newsprint, 8 p., illus. Folded for mailing, old creases still prominent, some creasing. No other issues published. We find four institutional holdings in OCLC (Northwestern, Wisconsin Historical Society, Kansas, & Univ. of CT.), with one other copy in the Winston Papers at UMass. Absent from California institutions. Scarce. Item #07384

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