NOW Your Town Can Have a ‘Professional Riot’! [broadside]

NOW Your Town Can Have a ‘Professional Riot’! [broadside]

Los Angeles: [Alert Americans Association], [ca. 1965]. A broadside advertisement deriding the “protestor class” and their many services, such as: riot kits, a tailor-made list of tensions to stoke, including Black vs. White, Red vs. Blue, Labor vs. Management, etc., forged membership cards, misspelled banners, special bus rates to Washington, D. C., press ‘service’, etc. Other pitches include, “We Specialize In Hand-Picked Hoodlums That Can’t Speak English...All Have Passed the Go-Limp Test!!” and “Prices Will Rise When We Add “Suicide By Fire” To Our Services! This latter “service” appears to reference the self-immolation of Quaker protestor, Norman Morrison, on Nov. 2, 1965.

The Alert Americans Association was best known for producing the First National Directory of "Rightist" Groups, Publications, and Some Individuals in the United States and Some Foreign Countries, which was distributed widely by Willis Carto’s Noontide Press. It’s likely that Carto had some involvement in the group.

Offset printed on an 8 ½” x 14” sheet. Address rubberstamped to bottom, two horizontal folds for mailing, else a crisp, Fine copy. A messy slew of OCLC records finds four copies at Michigan, Duke, Missouri - St. Louis, & NYPL. We note one further copy at Columbia. Item #07210

Price: $150.00

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