We Accuse!: Press Statement Made at Chicago. Oscar C. PFAUS.

We Accuse!: Press Statement Made at Chicago

[Chicago?]: [Published by the author?], [ca. 1938]. Isolationist propaganda from the Nazi Fichte-Bund agent, Oscar Pfaus, who provides an overview of British imperialism around the globe with a particular emphasis on England’s centuries-long subjugation of Ireland. He accuses the “Jew Greenwood” of directing the brutal campaign by the Black and Tans and maintains that “one can still see the horrible traces of the English-Jewish terror in the Irish Free State.” He reminds Irish-Americans that “they had and still have true friends who always condemned the British rape of Ireland and who never hesitated to prove their sincere and unselfish friendship for the Irish people.” This was of course Germany, which Pfaus maintains is now being subjected to the slanderous campaigns by British-Jewish propagandists.

Oscar K. Pfaus immigrated to the U.S. from Germany sometime after WWI and worked as a lumberjack, cowboy, and Chicago policeman before he began writing for various newspapers (Carter, The Shamrock and the Swastika, p. 101). He become editor of the German-language paper, “Weckruf und Beobachter” and was a member of the Germania Club before founding the German Alliance, a pro-Nazi organization. He fled to Hamburg sometime in the late 1930s and worked for the Nazi propaganda agency, Fichte Bunde, before becoming an Abwehr agent and going to Northern Ireland to meet with the Irish Republican Army.

Four 8 ¾” x 11 ¾” corner-stapled sheets mimeographed rectos only. Cheap stock browning, three hole punched, chipped in a few places, VG. Only three copies located in OCLC (Holocaust Museum, Univ. of Illinois - Urbana, and Michigan State). Scarce. Item #07144

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