Item #06988 A Poster for a 1984 Amebix Show in Milan, Italy

A Poster for a 1984 Amebix Show in Milan, Italy

[Milan?], [1984]. An 11 ¾” x 16 ½” poster for Amebix’s show in Milan at Virus club featuring local support acts Peggio Punx, Diffondere Uguaglianza, FDM and L’Inizio della Fine. This tour followed the band’s “No Sanctuary” 12” released by Southern Records in November, 1983. As vocalist/bassist Rob ‘The Baron’ Miller relates in “The Day the Country Died: A History of Anarcho-Punk 1980-1984,” the band was arrested in Bologna during their first show for scrawling “Death to false metal, all men play in ten” on a squat wall. After two shows in Milan, including the one advertised here, the band played Cosenza when guitarist Stig (Rob’s brother Chris) had an epileptic seizure on stage and the band was forced to return to England.

Founded in 1978 by brothers Chris and Rob Miller, Amebix was one of the most innovative and influential UK punk bands during the 1980s. Rob eventually moved to the Isle of Sky to forge custom swords and later formed the band Tau Cross while touring with Amebix periodically. In July 2019, Tau Cross’s latest release was canceled after it was discovered that Rob thanked Holocaust revisionist, Gerard Menuhin, in the album’s liner notes.

Horizontal and vertical folds, some wear and staining to corners; a few notes to verso. A scarce surviving example. Item #06988

Price: $125.00