Item #06825 Leviathan, Vol. 1, No. 1, March 1969. Carol BRIGHTMAN, Kathy McAfee, Beverly Leman.

Leviathan, Vol. 1, No. 1, March 1969

New York: V. R.-Leviathan Publications, Inc., 1969. Tabloid format, stapled, printed in red and black on newsprint, 55 pp, illus. Although folded at one time, this copy has been stored flat, darkening at fold, newsprint slightly browned, but a Near Fine example.

The inaugural issue of this influential underground paper, which distinguished itself among other underground publications by offering its readers a professional design and scholarly journalism. The paper was edited between New York City, San Francisco and Boston with this first issue being prepared and published by the NYC staff. The newspaper ceased publication in the fall of 1970.

Content for this issue includes, “The New Rebels in Industrial America” by Jim Jacobs and Larry Laskowski, “Insurgent Politics in New Haven” by Bob Cook, “Cities in Crisis: The Business of Urban Reform” by Peter Wiley and Beverly Leman, “The University and the Political Economy” by James O’Connor, “Demons & Demonstrators at Stanford” by Steve Weissman, “Mass Education and the Student Movement,” “The NLF in Paris: An Interview with Nguyen Thi Binh,” “German SDS: The History of the Movement: An Interview with Wolfgang Nitsche,” “Mother Russia’s Young” by future Weatherman and Black Liberation Army member, Kathy Boudin, “Mexico: Students at War: An Interview with Ricardo de la Luz,” a poem by Sol Yurick titled “Leviathan,” book reviews, reprinted poetry from Bertholt Brecht, etc. Centerfold poster printed in black & red depicting the word “Capital” being smashed on an anvil by a hammer. Item #06825

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