Blacks Seen Drowning In Own Tears of Self-Pity. Mary Winslow CHAPMAN, National Renaissance Party.

Blacks Seen Drowning In Own Tears of Self-Pity

New York: National Renaissance Party, [1963?]. An 8½” x 11” flyer on blue stock featuring a racist article by Tennessee historian, Mary Winslow Chapman, which first appeared in the April, 1963, issue of “The Citizen,” the journal of the Citizens’ Council. In her derisive article, Chapman declares, “The Negro’s problems are not due to the fact that he WAS a slave, but that he IS a Negro!” She goes on to blame blacks for their own enslavement (“they were the only people so primitively helpless as to allow themselves to be drive aboard the slave ships like cattle, a procedure made infinitely easier by the help of their own countrymen who did not hesitate to betray their fellow Negroes for a price.”) and suggests that their inferiority complex comes from being judged against white achievements. She concludes, “And if in America [the Negro] wants to become something more than a whining parasite upon the white man’s civilization, he will have to pull himself together, stop making excuses, and get on with the job of being a responsible and valuable citizen.”

The National Renaissance Party appropriated Chapman’s article, added their own slogans, and distributed these to passersby in and around NYC. Like most of the NRP’s surviving propaganda, this piece scarce. One copy in WorldCat at the Univ of Kansas. Fine. Item #06655

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