Race Hatred Rides in Phoenix. Communist Party of Arizona.

Race Hatred Rides in Phoenix

Phoenix: Communist Party of Arizona, [ca, 1946]. An 8.5” x 11” mimeographed flyer published under the auspices of the Community Party of Arizona and calling for a mass meeting to protest the discrimination faced by Mexican-American veterans during Phoenix’s post-war housing crisis. Some white Phoenicians were incensed that the proposed veteran’s housing project - which was in a white area - would be co-racial, and Eddie Poole of the Garfield Property Owners Protective Association argued that Mexicans would rob and rape if let loose in the neighborhood. The Communist Party in equally dramatic fashion invokes the Ku Klux Klan and maintains, “a sinister organized Ku Klux minded group [is] behind this move which is poisoning the minds of housewives and property owners. A crude drawing depicts a demagogue with a Klan puppet holding a noose. The housing project was integrated by the mayor and city council and named the Harry Cordova Housing Project after a Phoenix medic killed in the Battle of Normandy. In our experience, post-war propaganda highlighting discrimination against Mexican-Americans - who like African-Americans were returning home from war to find themselves second class citizens - is uncommon and worthy of study. Two copies found in WorldCat at Michigan State and the Univ. of Arizona, but with an erroneous date of 1960. Item #06642

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