Pensamientos, Nos. 2-3. Emilia BELLONE, Roberto Chené.

Pensamientos, Nos. 2-3

Seattle: Rational Island Publishers, 1976-77. Stapled, illustrated wrappers (8 ½” x 11”), 16, 24 pp., illus. In Spanish and English. Both issues with some toning, but about Near Fine. A scarce publication with only three institutions holding scattered issues in WorldCat (MSU, Stanford & UC Santa Cruz, with none holding more than two issues).

Two out of five (?) issues of the sporadically published Chicano Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) journal. Content includes poetry, short articles, such as “Relationships Between Third World Men and Non-Third World Women,” a long interview with Professor Manuel Diaz, information on Re-evaluation Counseling especially as it relates to the Chicano community and third world peoples in general.

RC is the controversial co-counseling practice in which people “learn how to exchange effective help with each other in order to free themselves from the effects of past distress experiences” (from the RC website). It’s founder and theoretical leader was Harvey Jackins (1916-1999), an ex-Communist and labor organizer who established Personal Counseling, Inc. in 1952 after reading L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics. RC has been praised for its work around oppression and anti-racism and criticized for its cultish tendencies and unscientific methodology. Item #06641

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