Geheime Weltmächte: Eine Abhandlung über die "Innere Regierung" der Welt. S. IPARES, pseud.
Geheime Weltmächte: Eine Abhandlung über die "Innere Regierung" der Welt

Geheime Weltmächte: Eine Abhandlung über die "Innere Regierung" der Welt

München: Ludendorffs Verlag, 1936. First edition. A work by the enigmatic Harry Dörfel, writing under the pseudonym S. Ipares (an anagram of the Graeco-Egyptian cult deity ‘Serapis’), on the threat of the Judeo-Masonic occult conspiracy. Although he spends the majority of the work attacking the Western occult tendencies such as freemasonry, Kabbalism, theosophy, anthroposophy, and Rosicrucianism, he reserves the final chapter to warn against “Asiatic priests” centred in Tibet and led by the Dalai Lama who are part of the conspiracy for world domination. He avers, “this is by no means the start of the Eastern world’s preparations for an unimaginably sweeping global attack on the white races’ plans for world dominance … However, behind these masses from the Middle and Far East pressing onto the great stage of world politics, there watches an invisible power that influences and guides them, the occult hierarchia ordinis of the lamaist theocracy” (p. 45, quoted in Engelhart, “Nazis of Tibet: A Twentieth Century Myth”).

Dörfel was an unlikely member of the anti-occultist Ludendorff circle, as he’d previously written a book on black and white magic (under a different pseudonym) and was an active theosophist only a few years prior. And considering the book’s anti-Semitism, his post-war job with the Committee for Religious Affairs working with Jewish synagogues in Berlin is even more perplexing. The German blog has the most in-depth profile of Dörfel and Geheime Weltmächte.

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