Item #06183 Boycott the Elections! Marxist-Leninist Party.

Boycott the Elections!

New York: Class War, 1972. An 8 ½” x 14” flyer mimeographed on both sides. Horizontal crease from folding; printing error obscures a few words to verso. Near Fine. No record for this flyer in WorldCat.

Hardline Marxist-Leninist-Maoist perspective on boycotting bourgeois elections and staying the course on the revolutionary path of struggle. Condemns the revisionists who are puppets for the ruling class and who are misled by the “illusion of revolution through reform.” Issued by Class War, the publication of the Marxist-Leninist Party, which combined “The Communist” and the Red Women’s Detachment paper, “Red Star.” The quintessence of New Communist Movement rigidity and sectarianism. Item #06183

Price: $75.00