What is the G.P.U.? Nikolai IVANOV.

What is the G.P.U.?

Milwaukee: The Victims of Marxian Plague, 1938. First edition. A pamphlet said to have originally been printed in German with an unidentified translator’s preface dated 1936 from Corona, CA, and then published in Milwaukee for the first time two years later under the unknown Victims of Marxian Plague imprint. Stridently worded, sometimes lengthy footnotes have been added by the translator referencing a wide variety of popular anti-Semitic books and pamphlets from the pre-war Right. Exactly the kind of item we love to catalog.

In a foreword by a J. Sacharov, the author, Nikolai Ivanov, is described as a “young Russian farm worker” who rejected Communism and with this pamphlet hoped to “explain the purpose and the function of the G.P.U. (Gosudarstvennoye Politicheskoye Upravlenie) in contemporary Russia, as well as the meaning of the presence of the Jews in the organization and leadership.” He describes the G.P.U.’s idea and purpose (to support the proletarian class war and to erect the Jewish world empire) and how they operate both domestically and internationally with a particular focus on how they combat Russian emigrant organizations opposed to communism (“Jewdaism”).

The pamphlet is characteristic of the extremely anti-Semitic propaganda written and distributed by white Russians operating in the U.S. between the wars. Ivanov appears to have been involved with the Russian Fascist Party, an offshoot of the Russian Fascist Organization (see, John J. Stephan, The Russian Fascists: Tragedy and Farce in Exile, 1925-1945). [SINGERMAN, 0436]. Item #06177

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