Item #05791 The Lumpenproletariat and the Revolutionary Youth Movement. Bruce FRANKLIN.

The Lumpenproletariat and the Revolutionary Youth Movement

n.p., n.d. Nine corner-stapled 8½” x 11” mimeographed sheets printed rectos only. An influential essay from the one-time Maoist and co-founder of Revolutionary Union, H. Bruce Franklin, which initially appeared in RU’s Red Papers 2, and later “Modern Review.” Franklin resituates the Marxian term ‘lumpenproletariat’ to describe the section of white youth that has “dropped out of its privileged position” and Blacks who are forced into an underclass position. He argues for their revolutionary potential as a Revolutionary Youth Movement while acknowledging Marx/Engels dismissal of this element of the proletariat. He further discusses Fanon’s discussion of the lumpen in The Wretched of the Earth and lauds the Black Panther Party’s uniting of the working class and the lumpen through their “serve the people” initiatives. He concludes by arguing for a Revolutionary Youth Movement as the “principal organizing concept” made necessary by “cross-class youth culture, the draft and imperialist war, high unemployment among youth, and the pigs.” Franklin supported Eldridge Cleaver's call for urban guerrilla warfare and left RU with a portion of the membership and formed the Venceremos Brigade. We find three copies of a New England Free Press variant in OCLC, but none of this edition. Scarce thus. About Fine. Item #05791

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