Item #03608 Fighter, Vol. 1, No. 1. Hungaria Freedom Fighter Movement.

Fighter, Vol. 1, No. 1

Cleveland: Hungaria Freedom Fighter Movement, 1968. Two white sheets printed in red, black and green folded to make 8 pp.; illus. The inaugural issue of "Fighter," the English language edition of "Szittyakürt," the official quarterly publication of the Hungaria Freedom Fighter Movement. Features a laudatory endorsement of George Wallace's Presidential campaign; "A Resolution of American Patriots," which included representatives from Liberty Lobby, the John Birch Society & Robert Annable, Klansman and Chairman of the North American Alliance of White People. The only two writers mentioned by name, Louis E. Molnar & Robert Annable, were both active Ohio Far Right figures and ardent supporters of Wallace. Scarce. We find two institutions with holdings of this publication, Univ. of Michigan and Univ. Of Kansas, with only Michigan holding this first issue. Some very light wear. Item #03608

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